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Sage One Pricing Options

The payment options for Sage One Accounting is very flexible and can be paid monthly on debit order or be paid annually, in advance. By using the annual payment Sage One Accounting do provide a discount in the subscription.

Most user tend to use the annual EFT payment to a monthly debit order option. I guess it is all about user preference.

The following two main options are available to users:

- Invoicing only - Monthly amount of R 139.00 or annual amount of R 1,501.20
- Full accounting function - Monthly amount of R 249.00 or annual amount of R 2,689.20

The above pricing includes two users.

Most of our clients prefer to own the Sage One Accounting subscriptions and add us, as the accountants, to the additional user. By using this option, both parties have live access to this system.

Additionally, to this subscription, users are also able to download the free Sage One App to use limited functions no a smart phone. This option is very viable for a business owner that is on the road frequently and not always near a laptop to work from. By using the Sage One App the user can easily do a quotation or invoice on site, while visiting a client.

Feel free to contact us below for a 30-day free trial or assistance to setup up your Sage One Accounting. We also assist clients with our monthly accounting service program.

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