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Sage One Payroll - Free 30 Day Trial

When looking at payroll solutions, you need to start off with one the best options currently in South Africa and this is Sage One Payroll.

Through Sage One Payroll, you can run you own payroll, even if you have never tried it before. They really offer simply solutions via their software, to enable users to run their payroll and do if without any effort or worries.

With Sage One Payroll, you are able to try out the software for 30 days, via their Free 30 Day Trial. All you have to do, is to contact us directly and we will assist you with the sign-up process and provide you with all the information needed to run your own payroll.

We ourselves use Sage One for all our accounting and payroll needs and will be able to provide you with insight and assistance in regards to getting your business accounting back in your own hands.

Online Accounting South Africa is managed by a registered tax practitioner with practise numbers with the Institute of accounting and commerce (IAC), The South Africa Institute of tax professionals (SAIT) and South African Revenue Services (SARS).


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